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Re-Injectable Tube System

The Spetec Re-Injectable Tube System is a primary waterstop in cold joints and pipe joints. When used with acrylates like Spetec AG200, it can be flushed with water at a pre-determined set time, creating a clean tube ready for subsequent use. It can also function as a standard single-use injection tube system with polyurethane injection resins like Spetec PUR H100 and Spetec PUR F400. The Spetec R-ITS is compatible with combination grouting techniques involving microfine cement.


  • Primary waterstop system.
  • Cold joints.
  • Expansion joints.
  • Replacement for traditional PVC waterstops.
  • Combination grouting techniques.
  • Tunnel crowns, slurry walls, and details.
  • Stabilization / Permeation combination grouting.


  • Monolithic waterstop seal.
  • Effective in applications with honeycomb concrete.
  • Will not fold or crush with concrete weight.
  • Can be injected under flowing water.
  • Chemical resistance once injected.
  • With NSF approved resin, can be installed in a potable water
  • Stabilization / Permeation combination grouting
  • Re-Injectable functionality

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