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Slab Lifting Equipment and Pump Systems

MixMaster Pro Foam Jacking Gun

MixMaster-7 Slab Lifting Gun

The MixMaster Pro two-component resin injection gun is manufactured specifically for lifting concrete slabs, and designed to handle back-pressure. As the essential piece of foam jacking equipment for Alchatek’s expanding polyurethane foams, the resin injection gun provides highly-efficient concrete leveling.


Key Features:

  • Stainless steel gun block
  • Completely mechanical actuation
  • No side seals or O-rings in the mixing block to replace
  • Integrated rebuildable check valves to save your whip hose
  • Easy break down and clean up at the end of the day
  • Utilizes smaller 3/8” injection port
  • Uses water based flush

PolyBadger Lifting System

The Alchatek PolyBadger lifting system is tough and compact. This system is an affordable entry-level option for new contractors, as well as an extremely portable addition to the experienced contractor’s arsenal. The PolyBadger is a lot less expensive than your standard 20 foot trailer rig. The set up is simple and requires minimal equipment. The entire system can easily fit in the back of a pickup truck!. The genius of the PolyBadger is the auto calibrator. It keeps the flow of A and B on ratio, eliminating the possibility of a crossover in the gun or the whip hose. The PolyBadger lifting system is offered exclusively by Alchatek for lifting and leveling concrete slabs.

Key Features:

  • Tough and compact
  • Lower initial investment
  • Less equipment needed
  • Easily fitted to truck, trailer or cart
  • Different configurations available
  • Available with generator/air compressor combo

Slab Lifting Pumps

As the essential piece of concrete leveling equipment, PMC plural component hydraulic proportioners are used to inject AP two-component structural polyurethane foams for Slab Lifting, Filling Voids and Soil Stabilization.  Rugged and dependable, this concrete level equipment utilizes relays and circuit breakers instead of circuit boards, vastly increasing reliability and preventing maintenance problems. 

PH-40 2000 psi

Output: 40 lbs/min
PH-40 1207A16
PH-40 1207A30
PH-40 1209A30
PH-40 1210A30
Maximum Hose Length: 410 ft
Size 120 Pumps, 15kw Heaters, 5HP, 1 ph
Size 120 Pumps, 15kw Heaters, 5HP, 3 ph
Size 120 Pumps, 18kw Heaters, 5HP, 3 ph
Size 120 Pumps, 21kw Heaters, 5HP, 3 ph
220 Volt
130 Amps
80 Amps
93 Amps
106 Amps

Note: The PH-40 Series is also available in 380 Voltage. Call for specs.

PHD-2 2000 psi

Output: 28 lbs/min
PHD-2 2000
Maximum Hose Length: 410 ft
16:1 Ratio Horizontal Pumps, 10.5 kw Heaters, Single Phase

The newest generation of PMC proportioners allows you to track, monitor, save data, troubleshoot and the unit will even alert you when routine maintenance is recommended.

PH-2 2000 psi

Output: 28 lbs/min
PH-2 2000
Maximum Hose Length: 410 ft
16:1 Ratio Horizontal Pumps, 10.5 kw Heaters, Single Phase

Alchatek is a proud distributor of Polyurethane Machinery Corporation equipment. If you would like more information on PMC systems and accessories before purchasing, please call us at 404-618-0438 or visit their website at

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