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Geotech & Leak Seal Contractors

Alchatek is an international leader in the manufacture and supply of chemical grouts and construction products for geotech and leak seal applications. If you’re looking for a geotech or leak seal contractor, we may be able to refer one to you.

Concrete Leveling and Soil Stabilization Contractors

Sunken concrete slabs can be lifted back into place and soil stabilized with high-strength polyurethane foam.


• Bridge Approach Slabs
• Warehouse Floors
• Factory Floors
• Concrete Parking Slabs
• Walkways
• Driveways
• Pool Decks
• Railroads
• Runways
• Sinkholes
• Foundations

Leak Seal and Waterproofing Contractors

Leaking concrete structures can be permanently sealed with durable, water-activated polyurethane grout.


• Elevator Pits
• Parking Garages
• Basements
• Water Treatment Plants
• Dams
• Culverts
• Tunnels
• Leaking Concrete
• Manholes
• Water Treatment Plants
• Catch Basins
• Culverts
• Tunnels

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