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Geotech Pumps for Soil Stabilization

Alchatek offers world-class customized pumps for soil stabilization jobs.  We modify these pumps to optimize them for polyurethane injection and specific applications.

PolyShark System for Large-Scale Jobs

Single-Component Geotech Pump Skid

The PolyShark is a custom pump skid system for the installation of single-component polyurethane geotech resins. This world-class skid setup is essential for large-scale soil stabilization and void fill projects.

The PolyShark includes:

  • A gas-powered high-pressure injection pump
  • Two hose reels with stainless steel ball bearing
  • Two flow meters

Gas-Powered High-Pressure Injection Pump

A step up for projects that require greater power and output, this custom modified pump is our best-selling gas over hydraulic piston machine, favored by contractors who want to complete large application jobs in record time with high profit margins. The hydraulic ram fluid section is moved front and center in the configuration for easier maintenance and control.

High-Pressure Hose Reels

High-pressure design guarantees durability when used with the high-pressure single-component pump. The construction is completely corrosion resistant and the stainless steel ball bearings, hardware, and manifolds are stronger than the aluminum parts on standard hose reels. The ball bearing-driven hose reels operate smoothly because they contain no bushings. (Bushings easily wear out.)

Flow Meters

Two high-pressure flow meters are capable of recording the exact amount of product pushed through the hoselines. This allows for precision material-use tracking.


Max. Delivery: 2.35 GPM
Max. Operating Pressure: 3600 PSI
Gas Engine: 200 c HP

Impact 440 Electric Injection Pump for Smaller Jobs

The IMPACT 440 is an advanced electric injection pump that’s ideally suited for residential, property maintenance and small commercial applications.


  • Designed to consistently handle 50-100 gallons per week.
  • Recommended for small and medium residential and commercial projects.


  • Crack injection, void fill, and soil stabilization with polyurethane.
  • Pre-grout injection water flush pump (water / grout pumps not to be same pump).
  • Flushing Alchatek’s MixMaster slab lifting gun.
Max. Delivery: .52 GPM
Max. Operating Pressure: 3600 PSI
Gas Engine: 200 c HP

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