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High Pressure Crack Injection Valve

Leak Seal Accessories, Crack Injection Accessories, and Crack Injection Supplies

Control resin flow at the point of injection and turn an airless sprayer into an injection pump.

Flush Wand

AS Flush Wand

Use this essential tool to flush concrete dust from the holes you have drilled for crack injection.

High Pressure F-Valve Assembly

Twin streaming is a technique in which you use a high pressure F-valve to inject resin AND water at the same time. As you can see in the photo, the F-valve has two supply connections – one for water and one for resin. The water and resin come into contact before they exit the coupler.


Seals cracks and slows down gushing water during leak repair. Oakum can be used alone or in combination with Alchatek leak seal resins. Read more about AP Oakum.


Alchatek offers pretty much all of the required mechanical ports and accessories you could possibly need for your next chemical injection project. 

5/8″ Mechanical Packer

1/2″ Mechanical Packer

13mm Mechanical Packer

3/8″ Hammer In Port with Zerk Fitting

3/8″ Plastic Drive In Port

For injection of chemical grouts into new or stable concrete.

AP Flushes & Soaks

Spetec Pump Cleaner

A non-flammable solvent for cleaning uncured polyurethane from injection equipment. (Read more…)

AP Flush 121

High performance pump flush that is friendly to the environment and does an excellent job flushing out injection pumps. (Read more…)

AP Soak 130

Cleans cured resin from metal components. (Read more…)

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