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Remediate & Repair Seawalls, Seal Leaks in Seawalls, Stabilize Surrounding Soil

As tidal flows rise and fall, water pushes its way in through cracks, joints, and defects in seawalls. The water pushes in on incoming tides and flows out on outgoing tides. As the water flows out, it carries sand and soil with it which causes undermining of the structure, voids to form, and deteriorates the structural integrity of the seawall. This cycle is exacerbated during periods of heavy rain which continue the outflow of soil. Polyurethane foams react with moisture in the soil and expand to fill voids while they permeate sandy soil to form a solid, strong, watertight mass. They have been used extensively in seawall applications to seal cracks, voids and defects (as well as for filling voids and stabilizing soil).

Alchatek can help…

  • Property owners/managers find seawall repair contractors.
  • Contractors select materials, estimate jobs, and fine-tune repair methods.
  • Engineers with specification or material questions.
  • Municipalities find material or contractors for repair projects.
Download an Info-Packed Seawall Repair Brochure!

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